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Don’t Just lose to the Complex Climate Jargons, Let’s Engage, Understand, Strategize and Act !!!

Assisting Businesses of all Geographies & Types to achieve their Climate Goals and Responsibilities

PICSPL is one-of-its-kind, soup to nuts Climate Change and Climate Resilient Solutionist & Executionist, we are a scientific and technical consulting companyProviding “need based” sustainability, ESG, and climate consulting solutions worldwide.

With our 3 decades of experience in environment & social impact assessment, Environmental risk mitigation, design and implementation of EHS & Energy Management systems, audits, assessments, due diligence, capacity building, water & wastewater management projects, compliance framework formulation projects in corporates, across the world, we intend to “Assist, Guide and Help” businesses and organization of all types and sizes to achieve their climate goals and help them progress as climate sensitive entity.

We ensure that companies wanting to achieve Net-zero Carbon emissions are not hampered by confusing jargon and inaccurate information. We simplify the journey of any organization by helping them identify their climate needs, GAP assessment, Capacity Building, and thus identifying ways and means to achieve climate goals.

The company provides end-to-end services that include project identification, validation, registration, monitoring, verification, and credit trading. The company also provides advisory services to clients who are interested in developing and managing their carbon offset projects. The advisory services include feasibility studies, project design, stakeholder consultation and financial structuring.

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