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ESG and Sustainability Services

ESG is more than ticking boxes. It's about making a difference - for your business and our world. Creating sustained outcomes that drive value and fuel growth, whilst strengthening our environment and societies.
Companies today are eager and increasingly looking to invest in and promote all-around sustainability making it an exciting area of growth that also has positive effects on society and the environment. To help companies prepare for the future of climate change, we provide suitable solution for sustainability and ESG obligations in the form of a comprehensive guidance.
If you are looking for ways to make your business more sustainable, Our ESG and sustainable services can help you reduce your environmental impact, enhance corporate governance, and create value for the long term.
Services, we provide –
1.    Design and Implementation of ISO 26000 Guidance on Social Responsibility:
The Social Responsibility Management Standard (ISO 26000) is a collection of guiding principles that may be used by companies and organisations to lead themselves in a more socially responsible path. In order to make a more positive contribution to the well-being of the societies and surroundings that sustain their operations, companies have a responsibility to uphold the principles of ethical and transparent behavior.
2.    ESG Rating Enhancement:
ESG rating represents the market's acknowledgement of the company's environmental, social, and governance obligations efforts and performance, hence enhancing the brand's reputation. We assist in establishing a sound ESG  framework to guarantee that adequate and efficient ESG management policies and procedures, internal control system, and implementation measures are in place to attain adequate ESG performance, as well as formulating a sequence to upgrade and resource utilization.

3.    ESG Materiality Assessment:
Materiality is the notion of identifying the social and environmental issues that are most important to your organisation and its stakeholders. Materiality evaluation should be utilized as a business strategic tool, with consequences that extend beyond corporate responsibility (CR) and sustainability reporting, in our opinion. Organizations may get the greatest value from their materiality process by using a sustainability lens for their operational risks, opportunity, trend identification, and risk management processes. Instead of building a new, isolated process, great organisations integrate sustainability considerations into current ones.
4.    ESG Reporting: 
Environmental, social, and governance, abbreviated as "ESG," are the three pillars upon which the long-term viability and morality of investment are based. In order to mitigate the major risk factors facing a business, it is common practise to disclose information linked to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues via a process called ESG reporting. Companies, investors, and regulators are increasingly recognizing the enormous risks and possibilities connected with ESG concerns, elevating the importance of this sort of reporting. Building trust and openness with investors and stakeholders, as well as attracting sustainable investors, are just a few of the many positive outcomes that may result from implementing ESG reporting.

5.    ESG and SR Policies, Procedures and Documentation:
The purpose of is to integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into operations and business, minimise substantial consequences and risks of thereof serve as reference documents for the ESG initiatives and actions performed by the Company. Incorporating environmental and social factors into the Company's operational processes and communicating and disclosing ESG performance are all key components of the strategy towards ESG integration.
6.    Sustainability Reporting (GRI):
The main purpose of sustainability reporting is to motivate real changes in behaviour. Companies may better explain the good and negative effects of their activities on the environment, society, and the economy via sustainability reporting. Long-term, sustainability reporting aids businesses in risk assessment, green operations, CSR goal alignment, and higher odds to save revenue.
7.    ESG Data capturing and analysis of Key performance indicator: 
Working with your HR, finance, infrastructure, legal, and other business partners to operationalize data gathering is crucial since the data foundation in the sustainability programme is dispersed across the firm. In recent years, there has been a considerable increase in the number of investors and businesses using ESG data gathering methodologies to assess environmental, social, and corporate governance performance. Non-financial elements are becoming an increasingly important component of the analytical process used by investors to spot significant threats and new development prospects. These data sets allow us to get beyond superficial filters based on subjective assessments and provide a more accurate picture of sustainability. By looking at businesses via this lens, we may help you construct a more efficient scheme for picking the most promising ones for long-term success.

8.    Guidance on stakeholder management authority: 
ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) indicators can be used in the same way that financial metrics are used to measure company performance for shareholders. They can be used to evaluate and measure a company's performance and its relative position on a number of issues that are important to all of the company's stakeholders. We are putting our extensive experience in designing incentive programmes for executives to work on the new paradigm of ESG-focused goals in the context of the changing stakeholder model.
9.    Energy Management: 
Due to the fact that greenhouse gas emissions, among other energy-related problems, are a major focus of ESG, it is crucial for businesses to lessen their environmental effect by cutting down on this particular source of risk. For businesses with environmental objectives, an energy management system is a great tool to help them get there.